Thursday, October 15, 2015

Generation Beauty Recap and Haul

On Oct 3rd and Oct 4th I attended Generation Beauty  at Pier 92 and it was such a GREAT event!

When you arrive you hand in your ticket and you receive your badge and a map of the venue with the layout of where the booths are.  All around the edge of this map which in total is an 8 x 11 sheet of paper are little perforated boxes with the names of each vendor on them these little "tickets" are to be redeem for a service or a product at each booth.  There is so much stuff to do!

I arrived on Saturday at Noon and I think it was a pretty good time to arrive. The doors opened at 9:00 am for registration and I heard that there was a long line to enter the venue.  I breezed on in when I arrived at Noon.  Wear comfy shoes cause you will be in LINES at all the booths! On the line be sure to ask questions because some lines are to get a service done for example: Formula X was giving a free manicure they had two lines you had to wait in a longer line to get a manicure or you could go up to the counter and redeem your ticket for a mini nail polish. I also noticed that if you arrived too late you miss out on getting the redemption item, a couple of vendors didn't have anymore items to hand out.

Now expect to WAIT for the Bigger Vendors especially when their redemption is a FULL SIZE product!! Make Up Forever was color matching your skin and giving out a their Ultra HD Foundation (it retails for $43!)  the line was just ridiculously long and security kept closing the line due to the amount of people waiting.  I never got my foundation nor did I get the SOHO London Makeup Bags or the It Cosmetics items!  They were the BIG TICKET items.

Now for the fun part! Each day you get a Swag Bag no matter what!  This is amazing and so worth the ticket, so if you are worried about the cost of the ticket don't because you definitely get the price of that ticket back and if you are an @ipsy subscriber you are able to get the early bird ticket for only $50.00 that covers the entrance for both days.

Without further ado....Drum Roll Please!

Day 1
On the Left are the items that I redeemed my tickets for.

On the Right is what my Day 1 Swag Bag contained:

Day 2 

I made it with just enough time to walk in and grab my Swag Bag.  So upset that didn't make it to the rest of the booths but I chose to drive in and the Pulaski Parade shut down all access to go crosstown that day.

Here is what my Day 2 Swag Bag contained:

(*I purchased the Tanktop and the Tarte Blushes* Tarte had an amazing sale their blushes were $10.00 each they retail for $28.00.)

I will for sure go to Generation Beauty if they host it in NY again.  I went alone,  I don't recommend going alone but I made small talk and chatted up with some sweet girls on each line!  There were many SMART ladies who lured their husbands with them which was such a great idea since you'll get DOUBLE the PRODUCT!!   I may hit mine over the head with a club next year and drag him with me!  I was also able to see a friend that I had not seen in many years who is a Makeup Artist as well and was working the NYX Cosmetics Booth. Even though we have been in social media contact for a while now, it was nice to see her in person we shared a few laughs during her breaks on Saturday.   I was also able to met Nicole of Young Wild and Polished,  Desi Perkins, Patrick Starr, LusterLux. Loved this convention it was not about purchasing product at all it was interactive and fun!  It felt like it was a way to connect with like minded people and enjoy the products these vendors offer!  I spoke to women from all over NY, NJ, Florida etc. younger, older etc.  sharing stories chatting about girl stuff and best part was that everyone was happy and super friendly which is what the true essence of  BEAUTY is!

Thanks to Michelle Phan the founder of @ipsy for creating such a fun and empowering event!


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