Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap of my busy weekend!


I started my Friday with a sweet client on her way for a night out wth her hubby and friends!Afterward I drove into the city for Pro Night at IMATS with my friend Priti. We got there at 7pm only had a hour and a half to shop and walk around! Met Thalio Beckham with his god like skin and Brian Champagne both from Houston and both very talented MUA's and Salon Owners. I picked up some brushes from Sigma Beauty and Morphe Brushes! Felt truly AMAZING picking up my Makeup Artist Pro Card:

I also met Jeffree Star! Who was so sweet and humble and is just goregous in person! Then went to dinner to el Basurero with my girlfriends Priti and Elle and had some much needed drinks and girl talk!

Saturday was a goregous day and I spent my morning with this beautiful bride to be for her Bridal Trial. Such a sweet girl!! We had great conversation and her mom and her have such a beautiful relationship.  Leah and I were yapping all throughout her trial and I learned that she loves spanish food, She also dances salsa, merengue and bachata! My kinda girl!  She is such an easy going Bride to Be!! At Last minute her bridal shower location was shut down! doors locked with no warning from the establishment that is in QUEENS her guests were already making their way to the location only to find it CLOSED. Leah and her maid of honor Heather and her mom made plans to re-route the location in less than a half hour!! In no time her guests were contacted and re-routed. Leah did not yell once! no bridezilla here ppl!! Can't wait to doll her up for her special day!


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