Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Win a Free Bridal Trial

**Rules** 1. You must follow my Instagram, facebook page and twitter. All are listed in my bio above. If you don't have all three please repost this on your Instagram page. 2. Comment Below with your Wedding Date before Jan.30th 10pm EST 3. Have to Travel to my Location for the Trial 4. Wedding must be in 2015 and must have a bridal party of 3 or more Winner will be announced on Jan. 31st 8pm est using a random online selector.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh L'Oreal..

You have done it again!!
This foundation is on my holy grail list right now. It's a bit pricey for drugstore foundation but it's worth it especially when you have CVS extracare coupons! It's a demi-matte finish and medium to full coverage! I did my makeup yesterday at 5pm and purposely slept in my makeup so far it's pretty intact, definitely still matte. My contour and highlight have faded but foundation is still going. If you have oily skin this should be your staple product. If you have dry skin moisturize your skin before applying. I also love the Visible Lift opti-blur foundation it's more dewy with medium coverage. I will use opti-blur for daily wear and Infallible for special occasions. For both foundations my tone is Natural Beige.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Keeping up with Milena..

I know my posting on this platform is non-existant!  I apologize uploading a quick caption and picture both on Instagram and Facebook is just easier for me.

Please if you aren't already follow me on Instagram @mills1229  and go like my facebook page under  www.facebook.com/perfectlymadeupbymilena.

I have been pretty busy lately getting organized for all my 2015 brides!  It's pretty exciting! I am happy to announce that tomorrow I will be doing a contestant for the Miss New York USA pagent!  Can't wait to post pics of that beauty!

I promise to be more pro-active with my posts!  You can always find me on Instagram.  As a matter of fact if you enjoy reading the blog please comment below!  That way I can make sure to update the content!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beautiful Pro Pics of my Bride

These goregous pics are from ADA Photography they have two locations in Long Island. 

Love seeing the professional pics as well as my brides smiling and happy!  The Bride wore her Mother's Wedding Gown for her ceremony and  her Grandma's Watch that was engraved and I believe her Grandpa gave it to her as a wedding day gift in 1947!  Such touching details! I also had the pleasure of glamming up her bridesmaids Christine and Meredith.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sweet Sixteen Glam

My Weekend was so busy that one post was not enough!
Sunday was a goregous day I spent quality time with my sister in law who came with me to doll up our friend Denise who was having her daughter Alanis's Sweet Sixteen Party!  It was great seeing her and her cute kids! Just look at how goregous this mother/daughter trio are! It was a fabulous weekend!! Look forward to next weekend, I am ready to glam up some brides to be!

Recap of my busy weekend!


I started my Friday with a sweet client on her way for a night out wth her hubby and friends!Afterward I drove into the city for Pro Night at IMATS with my friend Priti. We got there at 7pm only had a hour and a half to shop and walk around! Met Thalio Beckham with his god like skin and Brian Champagne both from Houston and both very talented MUA's and Salon Owners. I picked up some brushes from Sigma Beauty and Morphe Brushes! Felt truly AMAZING picking up my Makeup Artist Pro Card:

I also met Jeffree Star! Who was so sweet and humble and is just goregous in person! Then went to dinner to el Basurero with my girlfriends Priti and Elle and had some much needed drinks and girl talk!

Saturday was a goregous day and I spent my morning with this beautiful bride to be for her Bridal Trial. Such a sweet girl!! We had great conversation and her mom and her have such a beautiful relationship.  Leah and I were yapping all throughout her trial and I learned that she loves spanish food, She also dances salsa, merengue and bachata! My kinda girl!  She is such an easy going Bride to Be!! At Last minute her bridal shower location was shut down! doors locked with no warning from the establishment that is in QUEENS her guests were already making their way to the location only to find it CLOSED. Leah and her maid of honor Heather and her mom made plans to re-route the location in less than a half hour!! In no time her guests were contacted and re-routed. Leah did not yell once! no bridezilla here ppl!! Can't wait to doll her up for her special day!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Bridal and Prom Season is Upon Us!

This means I have to stock my kit twice as much!  I love it!!

I stocked up recently on my blushes and palettes from M.A.C, also got my FAVORITE  lip combo:  Soar liner, Brave lipstick and Oystergirl lipgloss, I swear these colors look good ON EVERY SKIN TONE!! 

Blushes: I purchased Blunt ( love it for contouring)  Raizin ( I use as a bronzer) and Fever (perfect pink rose for spring)

I also picked up the Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in A Natural Flirt and it is GOREGOUS I will be using thisas a highlighter for the cheeks, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow and brow bone.

I am so happy to say that is the only free weekend I have in April!!  I love perfectly making up all of you ladies so a busy month makes my heart happy!

I also what to hear from you, I have been trying to put together some looks for you, do you have any look in particular you would like to see?  If I posted 15 sec tutorials on Instagram would you watch them? Gimme some input.